The Sisters, Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts operate Villa Divino Amore Preschool as an integral part of a Catholic educational program and

also as a service to the general community, regardless of race, nationality, sex, or creed.

Monsignor Francesco Maria Greco was the pastor of a poor but expanding parish in Acri, a town located in Calabria, Italy. In 1894, he petitioned several religious congregations to send Sisters to provide secular and religious education to the children of the town.

When every religious community refused his request, Monsignor Greco approached a devout catechist name Raffaella DeVincenti and asked her assistance in starting a new religious congregation. Together, Monsignor Greco and Sister Maria Teresa Devincenti founded the religious community
known as Le Piccole Operaie dei Sacri Cuori – The Sisters, Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

From its humble beginnings in Acri, the work of the congregation spread rapidly throughout
Calabria, to Rome and northern Italy. Founded in charity and with a particular devotion to
the poor, the congregation became actively involved in several apostolates – education (nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school, high school, (university and catechists); the staffing of orphanages and parish ministries; social work; and the care of the aged and the infirmed in hospitals and nursing homes.