Our Staff

Our staff includes the Sisters, Little workers of the Sacred Hearts, lay assistants, volunteers and professional consultants. The Sisters serve as Director, Head Teacher and Teachers. They have each completed all the requirements prescribed for Early Childhood Education and have many years of teaching experience in this particular field, both here and abroad. In addition, they continue to complete coursework and participate in workshops and lectures in order to continuously improve their knowledge base and teaching methods.

Volunteers are those parents and adults who meet state and medical requirements and who help the Sisters with classroom and field trip activities, the serving of lunches and snacks, and the supervision of playground activities. Qualified volunteers are always welcome at the School and the Sisters are most grateful for their valuable assistance.

Special professional consultants include two doctors, a dentist, an educational consultant and a registered dietitian. As a supplement to the above mentioned staff members, the state of Connecticut assigns a nurse and dental hygienist who make periodic visitations to licensed facilities such as ours. In addition, as it’s budget allows, the City of Stamford Health Department assigns a social worker, speech therapist and a child psychologist to make periodic visitations to all child care day facilities in the city.