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Preschool Located in Stamford, Ct.


The Sisters of Villa Divino Amore Nursery School are from the order of the Little Workers of The Sacred Hearts and serve as an integral part of the Catholic educational program at the School and service to the general community. The Sisters are committed to provide quality care and early learning to the children of the School through Catholic values. The Sisters thereby affirm their total commitment to the education of young children and to the advancement of harmony in family life.


The Sisters, Little Workers of The Sacred Hearts, serve as the Director, Head Teacher and Teachers at Villa Divino Amore Nursery School. The staff also includes lay assistant and volunteers. The Sisters who serve as the primary teachers have each completed all the requirements prescribed for Early Childhood Education and have many years of teaching experience in this particular field, both here and abroad.

Christmas Spectacular & Events

The children enjoy many special events throughout the year such as the Halloween Pizza Party and the Easter Egg Hunt. One of the highlights of the year is the Christmas Spectacular which also serves as the School’s primary fundraiser. The Christmas Spectacular includes a performance by the children, an organized raffle and theme basket door prizes and dinner. It is an enjoyable time for both children, their families and the staff at the School.

Villa Divino Amore Preschool

117 Hope Street
Stamford, CT 06906

For more information call: 203·324·2449